Responsive Design and Engineering Approach

Today's web application expect a holistic approach to development that's not bound by any given device. Breaking the rules since 2001.

art show 2014

2014 show announced at Emma Clark Library, East Setauket, NY


I graduated from Syracuse University with a fine arts degree, with ideas to jump into the wonderful world of 3D animation. I've leveraged the procedural attributes of 3D art, and graphics programming into a web interface development career, and still focus to balance the art and engineering experience I've gained over the years in the industry.

3D might have been downgraded to a hobby of mine now, but the introduction of HTML5 opened the door to 3D transitions, animations, and even 3D modeling in the modern browser. The way we interact with the standard web interface has broken free of the 2D model, and as the HTML5 spec continues to become more widely supported on all browsers, online gaming and considerations for 3D design will be the norm for users.


Throughout my 12 year career I've worked on a wide range of sites. From small event websites, to multi-million hits a day eCommerce mega site. I've both engineered and designed UIs for a wide range of disciplines, gaining insights to content delivery and markup from different perspectives and standards.

Seasoned developers know how to balance the marriage of design in engineering, to satisfy stakeholders' business requirements, while maintaining a realistic development cycle.


In the end, I'm a lover of technology, the evolution of the device, and how we deliver clean interfaces to all users.